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its in the contrast

about me:


my name is greg ouellette. in march of 2006, after 10+ years in health care i decided to start to break away and pursue videography and filmmaking as a career. instead of the film school route i decided to invest a couple years worth of tuition in equipment and become self-taught.


one of my primary goals in choosing professional level video over film (not really much cheaper actually!) is to help push the advancement of the 'film look' via video. there are many techniques that must be employed including camera selection, frame rate, lighting, depth of field manipulation etc. i have devoted a lot of time to learning these. i use it when appropriate. check out my reel.


the decision to become a one man show has often become overwhelming, but the learning curve has been vertical. having shot and edited a diverse variety of footage has taken me from novice to emerging professional quickly. i have several projects already i am quite proud of and several more in the works.


as of 2010 i have completed several documentaries, promotional videos, music videos

and have worked on two fully budgeted SAG feature films, one as the primary

cinematographer. these are completed projects, not pending or waiting to be finished.


my most recent film, 'i project', was a BendFilm official selection and Mounain Film Festival winner of a 'Seven Summits' award.



what motivated me toward this were a couple of key things:


  • i love hearing and telling great stories. when well told, people listen.
  • health care has left its mark on me and i on it. these were good marks for both.
  • moving pictures have always transported me. even as a 6th grader, i petitioned for an 8mm movie camera and projector for christmas. a used set showed up under the tree.


so there it is. my approach has been to educate myself in all aspects of video/movie making production and make the most of any mentoring available. this has rounded out my perspective in the vein of film school. as a camera operator and editor i can offer you a finished product that i am sure you will feel great about.


filmheist productions, llc. is a registered and fully insured oregon corporation.