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general videography



includes camera and camera operation only, no formal producing or directing.

raw footage delivered on DVD or hard drive (provided by client).

24p frame rate, 30i or 60i interlaced. multiple frame rates in 720p HD.

4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios available.

includes use of any needed filters, matte box, wide-angle lens, etc. for setting.

*any lighting or special audio requirements will be extra.


Full Day Rate $550 ( 9 hours max, then $80/hr hourly rate)*


Hourly $70 (min 4 hours considered on case by case basis)*


* Local rates. Travel charges will apply for out of area work. Rate depends on scope of project.


DVD transfer/delivery of raw footage.

No DVD authoring, just dropped into an easy click to play menu template.


Standard Definition: $20/hour or tape length


High Definition: $30/hour









editing done on Apple Final Cut Studio (Final Cut Pro, Apple Loops). includes basic use of Adobe After Effects and similar effects. typical rule of thumb for basic professional quality editing is approx 1hour per minute of delivered footage. this would include up to 3 audio tracks and capture time. high def rates higher due to high storage requirements and render times of many hours, even with the fastest of modern editing computers.



Standard or High Definition (HD/HDV) $50/hour



Note on DVD Authoring/Large Scale Duplication

i am not efficient at DVD authoring at this time but can refer you to expert services at good rates. the same for large scale duplication. it is more cost effective for you to go this route currently.






medical videography



Medical Procedures and /or Devices QUOTE (starting at $2000.00 )


my background in healthcare puts me in a unique position of offer an understanding of both the professional and patient perspective. i have had extensive direct contact with radiation therapy patients and physicans, both behind the scenes in the department and for radiation related procedures in the operating room.

i offer patient education and medical device video services. my role is usually much more detailed in these kinds of videos. from development, scripting and production all the way through the final edit i will carefully oversee and advise . these take a lot of effort and plannning, especially when shot on location in the clinic. i understand the dynamic of a medical department, personalities, equipment issues and HIPPA concerns. it is unlikely you will find anyone better suited to this area of vidoegraphy. dont hesitate to contact me with any other ideas in this area of video.





music video



i offer the following rates for music video production. there are several things to consider when deciding which level to go with. consider the ultimate goal you hope the video to achieve.


look over the samples of my work. the video "Kendall Station" by the Zen Lunatics is an example of what to expect in the $2000 'Almost Budget' range. this is something to be very proud of and an excellent promo tool. if you are just looking to see what you look like and are just a fun band, the $450 'Zero Budget' may be all you need.


A few things to note:


the video mantra: Quality in = Quality out. Garbage in =Garbage out.


the quality of the final video is directly proportional to the bands approach to the process. an enthusiastic group with creative vision is required. the ability to take direction well after MULTIPLE, seemingly endless takes of the same song over and over cannot be overstated. many 'jam' bands are not used to what this feels like.

pre-production, concept development, shot lists, etc will be discussed. locations are to be secured by the band as well as any permits required for public space shooting. i am willing and able to attend to these affairs, but it is much more cost effective for you to do that part. i will be happy to give you some help in how to generically approach this process. it is a tragedy to have a good shoot shut down because a permit or permission was not handled. a shoot that is pre-produced runs smoothly, is more fun and the final product shows it. it's the only way to go. believe me.


multiple locations or excessive complexity require an assistant. in some cases this can just be someone provided by the band at no charge- or I can provide an assistant. routine minor assistance will be requested from the band on all shoots. again, this all adds up to you being able to spend your money on your video, not a lot of fluff and overpriced services.


if I am required to travel to your locale to shoot, we will discuss that on a case by case basis.


in the end, music video shoots can be a blast. bands are often amazed to see themselves in a high quality video with professional editing. these are the best deals I offer in my production company. i made that decision based on my love of music and the enjoyment i get meeting and working with motivated bands.



music video rates



'Zero Budget' Package $500.00


  • 1 Pre shoot meeting (locally or phone)
  • 4 Hour shoot
  • Single Camera (HVX200)
  • Single location, Interior or Exterior
  • Handheld shots only
  • No lighting
  • Rough edit, simple
  • Includes single DVD delivery


'No Budget' Package $1000.00


  • 1 PreShoot meeting (locally or phone)
  • 1 Full Day of shooting (8 hours)
  • Single Camera (HVX200)
  • Single location, Interior or Exterior
  • Handheld and tripod shots
  • Basic lighting: 1-2 lights
  • Basic editing
  • Includes basic DVD delivery / 5 copies in cases


'Micro Budget' Package $2000.00


  • 1 Pre Shoot meeting (locally or phone)
  • 1 Full Day+ of shooting (10 hours)
  • Single Camera (HVX200)
  • 2 locations, Interior and/or Exterior
  • Handheld or Steadicam/Tripod
  • Basic lighting: 1-3 lights/gels as needed
  • High quality editing, no After Effects, etc.
  • Includes DVD delivery / 10 copies in cases


'Almost Budget' Package $4000.00

  • 2 Pre Shoot meetings (locally/phone or upon arrival)
  • 2 Full Days of shooting (up to 18 hours total)
  • Two Cameras (HVX200's) if required
  • Multiple locations up to 4, Interior and/or Exterior
  • Handheld + Steadicam + Crane if required
  • Smoke machine/strobe light if required
  • Quality standard lighting/gels as needed
  • Highest quality editing including Adobe After Effects,
  • Color correction and related techniques.
  • Band Interviews if desired
  • Includes DVD delivery/ 10 copies in cases


there is a lot of flexibility within these packages. i just believe in giving a lot of information on a website. it allows people to know right away what is in their price range. feel free to contact me to talk about any variations or special requests.

with all music video packages, i record the room sound during the shoot, but it is up to the band to get me a high quality mix down of the song. my sound capture is normally only useful for the synch when editing. it can be used if there is no other option, but it will detract from the overall quality of the video.


all music video packages are priced for HD. as my 'About Me' section mentions, i always shoot any creative endeavor with the 'film look' unless otherwise instructed.

24p frame rate and 16:9 wide screen is standard unless otherwise requested (has never happened).





adventure/sport/activity videography




'Day of Action or Importance ' $400-600.00


  • 1 day ( 4- 6 hours) HD camera
  • Documentary style
  • Exterior/Interior/Combination
  • Any season, weather dependent
  • Interviews if desired
  • Basic edit*


*add $200 High-Highest quality edit


note: it would be too difficult to try to break this down into all the possible options. i can offer a basic observer type shoot with rough edit for very little if that is your want, up to a very professional documentary look.


this is a very popular video. i have most of my experience in this area and will capture unique, unusual footage and candid perspectives that will surprise you. i recommend the high quality edit option if you want to make this an awesome way to remember a great day. consider these events:


  • family reunion / picnic/ birthday party/ graduation
  • competitions/ accomplishments
  • legacy documentary (story of the life of a grandparent of significant other)
  • sporting events with participating family members
  • 'firsts': rock climbing, rafting, fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking/canoeing etc.


again, these are something people tend to watch over and over . the only video footage most people are used to seeing of themselves and these events are 'uncle Jim's shaky cam' palmcorder footage with endless zooming and pointless camera movement. painful at best. regular folks can be captured effectively and i can do it for you.








lets talk. i can provide a number of services for you, from camera operation, full equipment use (with me on set), editing, etc. i would love to hear about your project and budget. you may be very surprised at what i can offer you in this area. while this is the area i have the least practical experience in, it is the area i am most interested in expanding to. get with me last, after you have talked to everyone else.









**payment/cancellation/ refund policy**



payment: 50% due before start of project with signed contract.

remainder due upon delivery of satisfactory final product.

i accept master card or visa.

*1.5% discount for cash/check.



cancellations: 2 weeks: No charge

1 week: 10% of total price of services

72 hours: 20% of total price of services

24 hours: 50% of total price of services


*all cancellation fees are creditable one time toward a future finished product paid in full


refunds: due to the nature of electronic moving picture work, footage can get corrupted

and equipment can fail. while infrequent, sometimes this is just bad luck.


full refunds: considered only if an acceptable final product is not deliverable at all by FilmHeist

Productions, LLC.


partial refunds: considered on a case by case basis.